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#59 - Use the Moodle Gradebook to monitor online engagement and learning gain

  1. Know what your students are actually doing, and what they are actually achieving.
  2. Teachers can get useful information that can be analysed to show meaningful trends.
  3. Students can view their own grades through the Gradebook.
Solution overview

Actions by students in Moodle are recorded in the Gradebook. You can create small assessment activities, the results of which are recorded in the Gradebook, or just get the students to acknowledge that they have read a Moodle page and achieved a goal. By repeating the same assessment over time, you can get a sense of how individual students are progressing - learning gain.

  1. Follow the links in the Tools section for more information, training and support.
  2. Moodle's activities have various grading schemes, depending on the activity types.
  3. On the homepage for your Moodle Module Space, click on Grades.
  4. Teachers can view all of the grades for all activities, selected activities, and selected students.