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#58 - Frequently use anonymous in-class polling to check impact of teaching

  1. Students may find it hard to say how they really feel in class.
  2. We often focus too much on covering content without leaving time to consider the students.
  3. In-class polling is fast, simple and popular.
Solution overview

Use Vevox to add simple welfare checks into you lectures, to get a sense of the overall state of the students. Questions to assess if they are: physically comfortable in the teaching space; happy with the social aspects of the group; emotionally engaged with learning; etc. You can add Vevox questions into a normal PowerPoint. Students respond anonymously using their own devices (phones, tablets, computers). You can hide the responses, or show them on the screen immediately.

  1. Follow the link to Vevox in the tools section below for comprehensive guidance and support in using Vevox.
  2. You will need a Vevox account for this. You can get a free account for groups up to 100, but with limited functionality. Or you may be able to get a fully licensed account from the Academic Technology team.
  3. You then need to decide if you will embed the questions into PowerPoint using the Vevox add-in (Windows only), or use the browser-based interface. Design your questions so that they give you diagnostic information to check that the students really do understand what they need to understand. Don't over-do the questions, use them sparingly and effectively.
  4. Create your questions in a Vevox meeting, and run them in your session. As the students respond, you all get to see their responses on the main screen, and can respond appropriately.
  5. You can review the student responses after the lecture.