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#9 - Create a forum to which students must make a response

  1. Getting students to participate in online discussions is notoriously difficult.
  2. This can actually cause students to be less engaged in learning, in that they see online activities as entirely optional.
  3. Moodle Forum includes mechanisms that compel students to participate.
Solution overview

The Q&A type of forum in Moodle can be used to encourage every student to contribute a response. The students cannot see each others' responses, and your feedback, until they have posted their own. You can also enable ratings for the posts, awarding a grade to the students. They might need to achieve at least a minimal grade to progress in the module.

  1. In your Moodle Module Space, consider organising your students into groups (this is part of the Moodle Participants system).
  2. Create a Q&A type forum (or one for each of the groups you have created), setting the Ratings fields to enable you to mark student posts. If you wish for students to work in smaller groups, apply ‘separate groups’ under ‘Common module settings’.
  3. Post the initial challenge and guidance into the Q&A forum, including guidance on how students can provide feedback to each other, and how they will be expected to improve their original response.
  4. Give feedback in the forum, to individual students, and to the whole group.
  5. If the activity is to be assessed, add the grades