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Store and share videos using eStream and Stream

Video is an excellent way to showcase your work. Creating, editing and publishing video media demonstrates research, collaboration, knowledge and communication skills.


  • University supported platform
  • Upload up to 6GB video files
  • Share via a link or embed code
  • Upload videos for Moodle Assignments

Microsoft Stream

  • Limited support
  • Upload up to 50GB video files
  • Share via a link or embed code
  • Generate automatic transcriptions
  • Trim the start and end of a video


eStream is the University supported hosting and video platform. Videos can be uploaded directly to eStream, or via Moodle assignments.

eStream is available to both staff and students via Use your Warwick username and password to log in.

Why use eStream?

eStream is available to all staff and students at the University.

You can use eStream to:

  • To upload a video for a Moodle assignment;
  • To upload and host videos to embed on other plaforms;
  • To upload and host videos to share with a link.

Uploading a video

Upload the video via Moodle

This is the most common method and the one we recommend.

You can upload your video into any editable text box in Moodle. Typically, tutors will ask you to upload to a Forum (or another activity in your Moodle module space) as part of a piece of formative work. You may also be asked to submit a video for an assignment.

To upload a video to eStream via Moodle:

  1. Login to Moodle
  2. Browse to the activity where you need to upload the video.
  3. Open the activity and click the eStream button on the editing toolbar.
  4. Click Upload then browse to, or drag and drop the desired file.
  5. Once you are done save the changes or submit the forum post.
Moodle controls the permissions on the file you have added so only participants on the course, who have access to the activity where you have added the video, will be able to view it.

Upload the video directly to eStream

This method is the one to use if the video you are uploading isn't for a course, or if your department is not using Moodle yet.

  1. Login to eStream ( ) using your Warwick username and password.
  2. Click on Create.
  3. Click on Upload.
  4. Click Upload Video or drag and drop your file onto the upload box.

Sharing your video

As a student, your video is private by default. This means that in the eStream portal they cannot be found by either students or by staff.

You can share your videos by embedding them in Mahara, or sending someone a web link.

Share by embedding [into Mahara*]

*This could be other locations but the most common place we would expect you to be doing this is our ePortfolio service, Mahara.

When you embed your videos in Mahara it will require that people be logged in to view it.

  1. Login to eStream
  2. Hover over your name in to top right to reveal menu and click MyHome.
  3. Use the search to find the video that you want to share.
  4. Click Share and Share by Embedding.
  5. Choose the options you want. For example size of video frame, how long it is available for, etc.
  6. Copy the embed code and add it to the page. (eg. Mahara).

Share by Web Link

  1. Login to eStream
  2. To share a link select Share then Share by Web Link.
  3. Under options, you can change Unrestricted Access to the number of days you want the link to remain live, or choose Always to leave access open.
  4. Leave Bypass authentication unchecked if you want to restrict access to logged-in students or staff at Warwick, or check it to make the link public.
  5. Once your link is configured, you can then copy the web link and share it.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is a Microsoft Office365 video hosting and sharing platform. Members of the University can upload, view, organise, and share videos.

Watch Microsoft's official video to learn more about Stream:

Why use Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is a Microsoft Office365 tool available to staff and students in the University.

You can use Stream to:

Access your Office 365 account:

In order to access Microsoft Stream, you will first need to login to your Office 365 account.

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Enter your University IT username and password


  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Enter your University IT username and password
  3. Click the Office 365 app launcher (top left of the page)
  4. Click Explore all your apps
  5. Select Stream
The information on this page relates to Planet eStream and Microsoft Stream and was last updated April 2020.