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Staff members

Any full-time member of staff employed by the university, looking for accommodation as an individual.

Accommodation Options

You can apply for campus accommodation, due to the high demand for these properties a waiting list is often in operation. Overseas applicants new to Warwick will be prioritised.

Please note that there are complex minimum wage rules (the ‘Rules’) that apply to accommodation let by an employer to an employee. Those Rules apply to the University of Warwick (the ‘University’) where it lets accommodation to staff. Because of the Rules, the University is unable to let accommodation to staff where the salary less the rent, allowing for the off-set rate detailed in the Rules, would result in the salary notionally falling below any applicable minimum wage. We will let you know if this is an issue for you.

Application process

For an application form please email the Staff and Family Housing Team at Warwick Accommodation:


Apply online:

Relocation service

Warwick University has recently set up a relocation service to help new staff members and visiting academics find accommodation in the nearby area.

The service has been created to combine the relevant information and search tools needed to provide an overview of what you need to consider when relocating to the University.