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Relocation Service Feedback

If you have made an enquiry with our team during your relocation, please take the time to complete the below form. This will help us to monitor and improve the service. Please note that the more specific the answer the better use we can make of this information for future business growth. The information will only be used by The University of Warwick
Did you find a suitable property within the time frame needed and in your preferred location? (required)
How would you rate the service provided by that agent?

Where is your property Located?
Do you feel that your accommodation is of a good standard and good value for money? (required)
When renting a property, did you come across anything that you need more guidance or information on? (required)
Is there any area of the whole relocation process that you would have liked more assistance with? (required)
Would you use the relocation service again/recommend to a friend? (required)

Thank you for your time.
Privacy notice
The data that you provide is used solely to help us to improve our services.

The University of Warwick is the Data Controller of any information you have entered on this form and is committed to protecting the rights of individuals in line with Data Protection Legislation. The University's Data Protection webpages provide further information on your rights and how the University processes personal data. Please submit any data subject rights requests to or address any complaints or suspected breaches to the University's Data Protection Officer at

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