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Improvement of teaching and learning facilities

From 2015 - 2017, £20million was invested into a new learning building, the Oculus, and the refurbishment of existing spaces

Work began in 2015 on the new teaching and learning building, located on tocil field. The £18.8million building will house some of Oculusthe finest teaching and learning resources available in the UK. The building opened in October 2017, featuring innovative advanced technology.

The building represents our commitment to teaching here at the University and provides a 500 seat lecture theatre, along with a variety of flexible and functional teaching rooms alongside social learning spaces. A further £500,000 is invested annually into Centrally Timetabled Teaching Rooms, which refurbishes teaching rooms across campus.

The space outside the building, both natural and man-made, will be almost as important to the way the building works as the inside. We use light, colour and statement art to make sure this looks like no other place on campus.

Did you know?
  • We refurbished Seminar room A0.23 on the ground floor of the FME Building in Social Sciences in October 2014. After consulting with students, staff and the Students’ Union about what the room should be used for and how you’d like it to look, we have actioned your views.The University continues to invest heavily in learning resources to support the student experience.
  • Our library operates extended opening hours, including 24-hour opening throughout the summer term to ensure that students are able to access the resources they need around the clock. The library has also undergone extensive refurbishment work throughout the last few years, including the remodelling of the entrance area and Floor 4.
  • The Learning Grid Leamington opened in November 2012, providing study space without students having to travel to campus.A further large study space - the Learning Grid Rootes - in the Rootes building on main campus was opened early in the summer term 2013.
  • The University is also investing heavily in its teaching accommodation, to ensure that it remains fit for purpose. Most recently, the refurbishment of the Ramphal Building on main campus was completed in September 2012.