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University car parking permits: Facts

Key points to note

Before you apply for your permit, please make sure you've understood how the new Workplace Parking scheme works (salaried staff grades 3-9 are eligible).

Applying for your permit

If you are entitled to join the Workplace Parking scheme, please note that the permit application system will display the same price for a Workplace Parking scheme permit and a Full permit.

The actual net cost to you of a Workplace Parking scheme permit will be less than shown, as it is a salary sacrifice scheme so you will pay less tax and national insurance. See example costs

Cancellation process

Cancellations will be processed on the last day of the calender month, regardless of the date of cancellation. i.e. if a permit is cancelled on the 15th October, the permit will be valid until 31st October and the charge for the whole of October will apply. We do not issue partial refunds.

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