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Regulations for Parking Enforcement

The procedures for ensuring effective parking and traffic management across the University are detailed below.

The relevant terms and conditions and policy can be found at

1. Documentation

Parking Contraventions may be issued with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN), managed by Car Parking Partnership and ParkingEye. If you are issued with a Parking Charge Notice please follow payment and appeals process clearly written on the bottom of your Parking Charge Notice. Please observe parking conditions displayed in the car parks and throughout the campus.

2. Enforcement Officers

PCNs will be issued by the University's directly employed Enforcement Officers, who must, by law, follow the guidelines of the British Parking Association Code of Practice, Part 2. Security officers may also issue PCNs, working to the same standards and guidelines.

3. Offences

Parking offences are listed below. Each will incur a penalty charge of £70, which will be reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days.

These offences are stated in the University's Parking Regulations/Ordinance, which are available for viewing, along with these procedures at The Gatehouse, or on our parking terms and conditions

  • Unauthorised overnight parking
  • Parking without a valid ticket or permit
  • Parking in a non-designated bay or space
  • Parking outside a marked bay
  • Parking in a loading bay
  • Parking in a hatched area
  • Parking on single or double yellow lines
  • Parking on a grassed area
  • Parking on a footpath
  • Parking in a designated fire lane
  • Parking in a marked, disabled parking bay without displaying a valid disabled parking permit (Blue Badge), or a valid 'D' permit
  • Parking causing an obstruction, including parking across dropped kerbs (since this limits wheelchair access)
  • Fraudulent use of a parking permit, ticket, or token

The offence committed will be specifically indicated by the officer issuing the ticket.

4. Signage

Warning signs about car parking regulations are prominently displayed at all vehicular entrances to the University, and at regular points throughout the campus.

5. Payment and Appeals Process

Follow the instructions on the Parking Charge Notice.

The Car Parking Partnership is the trading name of Liberty Printers (AR and RF Reddin) Ltd, 17 Rochester Row, London, SW1P 1QT. Company registered in England and Wales no. 02920033. Liberty is a member of the British Parking Association (BPA) Approved Operator Scheme and follows the BPA/DVLA agreed code of practice. CPP may make an application to the DVLA for the registered keeper details of the vehicle if required.

Once the PCN has been issued it follows a structured progression path which allows the motorist to pay the PCN or to appeal against the issue of the PCN. The motorist can view the contravention on-line by visiting

By entering their vehicle registration and the PCN number (on the Parking Charge Notice) the motorist will be able to access the details of the contravention and the images taken at the time of issue of the parking notice in accordance with the Parking Terms and Conditions which can be found at the entrance to car parks and across the campus.

All queries, correspondences, payments and appeals are managed by the CPP business processing unit based in Northampton.

6. Temporary Parking Restrictions

Temporary parking restrictions can be implemented for operational, safety or security reasons. These will, whenever possible, be planned in advance to enable adequate notification, in the form of temporary signage, before the event/restriction. Under normal circumstances this signage will be prominently posted, at least seven days before the event.

If the notification period is less than seven days, the implementation of enforcement or removal of vehicles, to achieve the desired restriction/event, must be authorised by the Head of Security Services. The Head of Security Services will consider the circumstances and implications of failing to achieve the objective, and or requirement to immobilise vehicles.

Vehicles parking in the restricted area will be ticketed or removed.

7. Abandoned Vehicles

In the event that a vehicle has been left in any area of the University, apparently having been left/abandoned, the following process will be followed to resolve the matter. All possible attempts will be made to contact the owner of the vehicle.

  • Check for permit.
  • Check permit database for previous permit holders.
  • Contact the DVLA for last registered owner.
  • Write to last registered for any information regarding the vehicle or its present owner.

If all attempts fail to identify the registered owner, or result in the removal of the vehicle from University property by its owner, steps will be taken to arrange for its removal, as follows.

  • Forward a letter informing last registered or known owner the vehicle of intention to dispose of the vehicle in 21 days if not removed.
  • After the 21 day period, application be made to the local authority to place a ‘Seven Day Notice’ on the vehicle.
  • Following the issuing of the ‘Seven Day Notice’, arrangements will be made to dispose of the vehicle via a professional vehicle disposal company.

8. Unroadworthy/Untaxed Vehicles

The University Ordinances and Regulations state that any vehicle that is brought onto University property, must:

  • Have a valid Vehicle Excise Licence.
  • Have a valid MOT test certificate.
  • Valid insurance must be possessed by the owner and or driver with the regard to their personal liability in respect of the vehicle.

Any disciplinary or criminal offences disclosed will be reported to the relevant authority.