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Protecting event organiser’s mental health
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Designating time for yourself can take many different forms, depending on what works for you. There are a number of simple steps that can be taken to ensure proper self-care throughout the working day to avoid burnout. Understandably, some find this tricky when competing with a busy schedule.

Your body and mind need fuel to keep working. Remaining energised, by staying hydrated and consuming energy rich foods that will give you the boost you need, is important. Equally, making time to refresh mentally and physically is essential. Take 5-10 minutes to put your feet up in a calm space or explore the grounds in the fresh air.

If planning an event, your venue providers can help to plan out the day to incorporate breaks designed to give both organisers and delegates a breather to re-energise, improving focus and productivity. Venues like Warwick Conferences can support in the organisation of events to ease some of the pressure and give guidance on delivering an engaging day with a suitable timetable.

In addition to looking after your own mental health when planning events, it is also vital to consider the wellbeing of attendees. While this can be tricky to balance with content-heavy meetings, there are ways to factor this in to the day. Visit our other Wellness Corner articles for tips and advice on how to support delegate wellbeing at events.

This article first appeared in PA Life on 27 May 2020.

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