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Success for ‘How Important is a Learning Space?’ event

On the 16th May 2018 we successfully hosted a creative event in collaboration with The Learning and Performance Institute.

The event was focused on ‘The Benefits of an Engaging Learning Environment’, which attracted an array of dynamic learning and development professionals.

By hosting the event, it allowed attendees to experience our unique creative environments first hand. They explored the concept of 'engaged learning' in our creative spaces and got to see how the environment they operate in impacts on learning.

Key takeaways from the day were;

  • Whilst everybody learns differently, a consistent feature of effective learning is the removal of structure and formality.
  • Rigid and formal constraints such as timing schedules can disrupt a whole learning programme without the trainer even realising it.
  • Documenting the day in accordance to breaks and finish times automatically creates a subconscious pressure and distraction for the learner, everything they do is then assessed against the ticking clock on the wall.
  • By depleting the structure of the day it puts the learner on their toes and as a result, they will be more engaged and naturally curious throughout the session.

During the event, Purple Monster’s artist impressionist also visualised the discussions that took place.

Artist impressionThe drawing shows how conversations focussed on the benefits of steering away from the traditional methods of learning, and how this can create different thought processes and results.

Attendees on the day represented a number of different companies from across the country, including some of our existing customers and prospective guests.

Whilst the scheduling of the programme is an intangible change you can make to create impact, the physical space the learning is delivered within can enhance the visionary level of diverse thinking. Our creative spaces provide a unique and memorable environment, different to the traditional meeting space.