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Inclusive Email Signatures

Inclusive email signatures and profile

It only takes a few moments to embed tools in our email signatures and profiles to signal the importance of respecting names and pronouns, and also provide guidance to help others get them right.

Using an audio name badge, pronunciation guide and giving our pronouns in our profiles and signatures normalises this practice for all and helps create an inclusive culture at Warwick.

Step one: Create an audio name badge

This practical tool allows others to hear you (or someone you trust) say your own name so they can practise in private. Research at Warwick shows using an audio name badge, even if your name is rarely mispronounced, is an important signal of the importance of getting names right and creates a culture where using audio name badges is the norm for everyone.

See how to create an audio name badge below.

Step Two: Create a pronunciation guide to your name

Providing a pronunciation guide helps others understand how to say your name and can be used on name badges, profiles and in email signatures as an option where it is difficult for someone to listen to or hear an audio recording. Sites to help you create a guide can be found below.

Step Three: Include an audio name badge, pronunciation guide and your pronouns in your email signature an profiles.  

The step-by-step guides below help you create inclusive email signatures and profiles. The process takes around 10 minutes.

Change the culture: Normalise including pronouns, audio name badges and name pronunciation guides in email signatures and profiles even if your own name and/or pronouns are rarely misused.

Audio Name Badges

Create an audio name badge using these instructions

Pronunciation Guide

Create a pronunciation guide using these sites: 

 #MyNameIs - Name Pronunciation Tool - Race Equality Matters

NameShouts - Pronounce Names Right.


Help others by giving pronouns when introducing yourself and in your profile and email signature.

Consider signing the Pronoun Pledge.

Create/update your email signature.

Embed in your email signatures using these instructions How to set-up an email signature

Style guide for Warwick email signatures

LinkedIn and Staff profiles

Everyone can include a name badge in their Linkedin profile (see instructions here).

Staff can also embed in their SuccessFactors profiles 

Find out more

Find more resources to support respectful name use here.

Learn more about names and how to respect them at this Resource Library.