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Eatwise | Warwick Food Group


Mindful food for thriving minds

We’re here to fix the way we do food. It’s time we turned things on their head.

It’s time we reversed the crisis in well-being and rethought the impact our food is having on us and our planet.

It’s time we started building thriving minds through mindful food.

Welcome to Eatwise

Our new approach to our food offering at the University of Warwick that’s better for our customers, community and the planet.

We’re getting back to clean, honest, healthy food with no short-cuts. Good food that reminds us of home, a time when cooking started with love. Back to textures and flavours that take us on a journey.

In a University that is a driving force for innovation, this is food we connect with, food that we all need to stay at our best, whatever our role.

This is the food that makes Warwick. Let’s make food right.


Eatwise Test Kitchen is the creative hub of Eatwise, a space for us to test, taste and create good food with good ingredients, before sharing with the rest of our community to enjoy.

Find out more about Eatwise Test Kitchen