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Sustainability, health and the environment

Our sustainability objectives

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Reduce emissions

Minimise direct and indirect carbon emissions.

Waste reduction

Significantly lower the amount of waste products in all areas.

Responsible sourcing

Include environmental and societal impact when selecting new products and services.

Community engagement

Raise awareness of a sustainable active lifestyle.

Supplier engagement

Work with suppliers to achieve our own and their sustainability objectives.

How we reduce our food waste

End of day reductions

Any hot food and sandwiches left at the end of the day in our outlets are sold at reduced prices, with 50% off some prices.

Food donations

There is also a Foodbank drop off point in Rootes Grocery Store to collect food items to help local people. We're working in partnership with the Students' Union and Coventry FoodbankLink opens in a new window.

Mystery food bags

We support Too Good To GoLink opens in a new window. Buy and collect unsold food - at a great price - so it gets eaten instead of wasted. You won’t know what you're collecting, it’s all part of the surprise.

Find out when you can collect a Too Good To Go bag at the following outlets:

Community Fridge

Food for all

Launching Monday 11th March

In partnership with the Department of Chemistry the Community Fridge is an initiative to help reduce food waste and distribute surplus food to people who can make the use of it. We offer a variety of food items, all free of charge, and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Come along and pick up what you need.

Depending on availability, the fridge will be restocked from 5pm Monday to Friday

Outside of L3, L4, L5 on the Science Concourse (over the bridge from the Library)

Bring your own reusable bag

What we're doing

Ethical commitment to coffee

We work with all of our coffee suppliers to ensure they have a strong ethical policy on how coffee is grown and produced, to ensure the environment is sustained.

All of our coffee grounds are collected and go to composting.

Reducing single use plastic on campus

We've removed all single use plastic cups and incentivise people to bring their own reusable cups with loyalty stamps and discounts. We also only offer paper straws and wooden/biodegradable cutlery.

Single use bags have also been removed from our outlets. We operate a bag exchange in Rootes Grocery Store so people can donate or borrow any spare bags.

Supporting local farmers

Where possible, we try to source local ingredients and use local suppliers, which helps to reduce our CO2 emissions.

We believe in using local farmers that produce great products and take care of their animals.


We work closely with the Environmental Sustainability team in Estates, the Students' Union and other University of Warwick departments to try and reduce our impact on the environment.

A healthy you

Providing healthy options that are easy to find and promoted in all our outlets.

Vegan and vegetarian options appear at the top of our menus to highlight and promote them to customers.

We aim to provide for different lifestyles, dietary requirements and budgets. Undertaking research to help guide our decisions, we often change our healthy options offer where possible.