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Fabric of the Building - Pre-Work Guidance

The fabric of a building is any structure, surface, fixture or fitting associated internally of externally with a building. Work must not take place that could disturb the fabric without prior authorisation from the Estates Helpdesk.

The following non exhaustive list details examples of activities that would disturb the fabric of the building:

  • Drilling, cutting, scraping or any destructive tasks on
    • walls
    • floors and floor coverings
    • ceilings or suspended ceilings
    • doors and door frames
    • window units, frames and sills
  • Removal of
    • fixtures or fittings including replacement of screws etc
    • wall mounted furniture
    • ceiling tiles
    • cladding
    • inspection covers / service panels
  • Access into
    • voids
    • cavities
    • ducts
    • other sealed spaces within the structure of the building
  • Work on
    • plant or services
    • insulation
    • membranes
    • coatings