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Emergency Protocol for Persons exposed to a Substance of Significant Hazard to Health

In the event of a person potentially being exposed to a substance that poses significant hazard to health,

  • staff assisting should take care that they are not themselves put at risk of exposure;
  • relevant decontamination of the person should be carried out;
  • the person kept or moved to a place of safety such that they are not subject to further exposure nor present a risk to others; and
  • medical advice should be sought before they are moved from this place of safety.

If the affected persons are in obvious need of medical attention, the Ambulance Service should be called and provided with details.

If medical checks are being taken as a precautionary measure then the affected individual(s) should not be sent to A&E without informing A&E of the details of the exposure and checking with A&E that they are able to receive the individual(s).