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Safety Alerts & Bulletins

Heatwave Health and Safety MessageLink opens in a new window (July 2022) The Met Office has issued an Amber Weather Warning for ‘Extreme Heat’ in the Coventry area for Sunday 17 July and a Red Weather Warning for ‘Extreme heat’ for Monday 18th and Tuesday 19 July 2022. Please read full guidance here.

Chemical Safety Management (August 2021) Relating to good practice for the management of chemicals, particularly around their procurement, storage and stock control. This was developed in response to a number of incidents that could have been avoided, had these practices have been in place.

Quality of KN95 face masks and lack of compliance with European standards (June 2020)

The Health and Safety Executive have issued a Safety AlertLink opens in a new window on the quality of face masks and the standards to which they must comply in order to be classified as personal protective equipment.

European Commission issues safety alert on ineffective and potentially hazardous hand sanitising gel. (June 2020)

Do not use this product (Shield) which is manufactured in the UK and ensure it is disposed of as Hazardous Waste.

Failure of vision port on a lithium evaporator (June 2018) This was an incident that lead to injury of a student who was using work equipment (research equipment) that had been modified, but not sufficiently risk assessed to identify the risk of introducing nitrogen into a former vacuum vessel, which resulted in pressure release through the vision port.

Cryogenic liquids pressurised storage vessel service requirements and dispensing hoses (March 2018) Relating to the potential risks of using rubber hoses for dispensing cryogenic liquids which should be identified in your risk assessment and wherever possible suitable alternatives used, as recommended in this bulletin.

University and NHS Trust fined for death of worker (December 2017) Circulated following the death of a worker at Imperial College relating to the decanting of liquid nitrogen. This bulletin contains lessons learnt from this incident.

Product Recalls (December 2017) Relating to two products that have recently been recalled by their suppliers, Argos (Simple Value 2Kw Upright Fan Heater) and B&Q (Everflourish Remote Control On/Off Sets) due to the risks to users. This Alert advises staff and students to stop using these products immediately and then explains what to do next to obtain a full refund.

Engaging ContractorsLink opens in a new window (June 2016) Safety Bulletin which was issued post an incident involving a contractor suffering life threatening injuries whilst carrying out activities on behalf of the University. This Bulletin reminds staff how to engage contractors and the procedures that must be followed prior to their appointment.

Tumber DryersLink opens in a new window (December 2015) This was circulated following a product recall of 2 models of tumble dryer that were manufactured between April 2014 and September 2015, where the build up of fluff was known to have caused overheating and a risk of fire.

Chemical StorageLink opens in a new window (October 2015) This Health and Safety Alert related to the basic principles of chemical storage and good chemical management

Laser Pointers (July 2015) This bulletin was to raise awareness of laser pointers that can be purchased for very little money, but how some of them can be up to 5mW and could therefore cause serious eye damage.

Chemical Storage CabinetsLink opens in a new window This was circulated to improve awareness in connection with the suitable selection of appropriate safety cabinets for storing chemicals and chemical incompatibility