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Fire Response - Wellesbourne Campus

Please use the links below to reach the information you need. If there are any queries in an emergency please call x22222 or at other times call the Fire Safety Adviser on x22561.

Fire Action Notice

Assembly points

Info for Evacuation Wardens / Response Team

Procedure in periods of closure of the Wellesbourne Campus Reception.

  • Fire alarm sounds continuously in the building of alarm origin and intermittently in all other buildings
  • Response Team respond to alarm sounding
  • ADT call reception phone as per the current arrangement. If the call from ADT is not answered after 3 minutes they will call the Fire and Rescue Service. The FRS will NOT respond unless a fire situation is confirmed through ADT or a 999 call from the site.
  • Response Team members arriving at an unmanned reception should answer the call from ADT, confirming that they are investigating a fire alarm activation
  • if the phone is not ringing the first Response Team member should
    • contact ADT on (9) 0844 8001999 - contract number 217134; and
    • Leamington Fire Control on (9) 01926 887434 confirming to both organisations that a fire alarm activation is being investigated
  • other responding Response Team, members should identify the location of the alarm and undertake investigation of the alarm as per the existing arrangements.