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Policy, Arrangements & Guidance

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Name Description Last Updated
Drones 20/03/23
One Minute Wonders short guidance and training videos 06/12/22
Acetylene Policy, instruction and guidance on acetylene - Page under development 01/08/22
Agricultural Activities Policy, instruction and guidance on Agricultural Activities - Page under development 29/07/22
Alcohol and Drugs Policy Links to HR Policy 07/06/16
Asbestos Management Policy, arrangements and information on regulations and requirements for the safe management of asbestos in buildings and equipment 29/07/22
Chemical Safety Policy and information on chemical safety including access to lists of materials which are controlled by specific regulations, including lead and lead compounds 03/11/22
Children and Young People Information on those under 18 Years of age. 15/01/18
Compactor Management Guidance - Compactors & Cardboard Balers 03/01/20
Compressed Gases Policy, instruction and guidance on using Compressed Gases - Page under development 22/03/18
Computer work Health and safety for computer work - computer set up, exercises, symptoms, and guidance. 24/08/22
Community based Research Code of Practice for the safety of researchers working in the community 26/10/21
Confined Spaces Guidance and information for safe access toa confined space including a checklist and permit requirements 09/08/22
Construction Design and Management (CDM2015) Guidance & Regulations for those that commission or undertake construction, maintenance, re-modelling, minor construction works, refurbishment, re-fitting (including IT and telecoms) 10/10/16
Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations - DSEAR Policy, instruction and guidance on Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere - Page under development 03/08/22
Departmental Checklists 18/11/22
Draft Policies for Comment University Policy under review or development 12/05/22
Driving for Work Policy, instruction and guidance for those that are required to drive for University purposes 24/10/22
Events Guidance and instruction for Departments and Students organising events 07/06/16
Explosives and Reactive Agents Policy, instruction and guidance on Explosives and Reactive Agents - Page under development 04/08/22
Field Work Guidance on practical work off campus. 12/10/22
Fire Safety Interim Policy and instruction, including inspection, testing and maintenance requirements for fire safety systems 17/02/23
First Aid Information about first aid in the University including access to the list of first aiders. Also find contact details if you need to advise of a change to first aid provision 14/02/23
Food Safety & Hygiene Policy, instruction and guidance on food safety and food hygiene 15/02/23
Lab and Workshop Gases Guidance and instruction on the safe use of lab and workshop gases 29/09/21
Hazardous Waste Relates to the transporting, moving and disposing of hazardous waste connected with University business. Links to biological waste and waste consignment notes. 20/03/19
Health and Safety Policy University Health and Safety Policy Statement 25/10/22
Insurance Links to advice on insurance matters including current insurance certificates. 28/09/22
Laboratories, Workshops & Associated Stores Information and guidance for users of labs and workshops including procurement guidance. 17/03/20
Lead Policy (New) Lead Policy for the University of Warwick 04/08/22
Legionella & Water Quality Policy and Information 28/07/22
Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Policy and information on regulations and requirements for the safe use of lifting equipment 03/05/22
Lighting Guidance for Offices Guidance for offices as taken from CIBSE Guidance LG7, 2015 23/10/19
Temporary Structures, Skips and Holding Facilities Instruction to siting of temporary structures 07/06/16
Local Exhaust Ventilation Information and guidance on the safe use of LEV including statutory requiments. 18/11/22
Manual Handling Guidance on carrying out manual handling risk assessments, good manual handling practice and back care. 24/08/22
Natural Gas Safety Policy on piped natural gas installations 30/11/22
Noise & Ultrasound Information on noise, noise risk assessment and ultrasound 07/06/16
Non-Ionising Radiation Guidance on non-ionising radiation including magnets, mobile phones/base stations, microwaves, IR, Optical Radiation, UV and solar radiation and outdoor workers 02/02/23
Permit to Work (New) Policy and information on Permits to Work for specific high risk activities, including permission to access high hazard areas (for maintenance etc.) 21/12/22
Personal Protective Equipment - PPE Policy, instruction and guidance on Person Protective Equipment 04/08/22
Pregnancy & Maternity Health and safety guidance for women of childbearing age and their line managers, tutors or supervisors 07/06/16
Premises & Grounds Information on responsibilities for the Premises and Grounds of the University and what to do if you identify an issue with University premises or grounds. 27/09/16
Pressure Systems Information on regulations and requirements for safe use of pressure systems 30/11/22
Pyrophoric Materials Policy, instruction and guidance on use of pyrophoric materials - Page under development 04/08/22
Safety Signs Guidance on safety signs 07/06/16
Security on Campus Instruction and contact details 08/10/21
Smoking policy Policy and arrangements 18/08/22
Statutory Inspection Statutory inspection and testing of plant & equipment, what this means and who to go to if you have new equipment or want to dispose of registered equipment. 30/11/22
Stress Information on Stress including links to the policy and guidance to support a risk assessment 30/11/22
Subpage template 21/07/17
Template change to suit Description to go here 07/06/16
Overseas Travel - Health and Safety Guidance to support those travelling overseas, including a link to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office where specific up to date travel advice can be obtained 21/02/23
Vibration Information on health effects and control measures for hand arm and whole body vibration. 07/06/16
Violent or Abusive Behaviour Guidance on how to minimize the risk of violence / abusive behaviour and what to do if you experience violence / abusive behaviour at the University 27/09/16
Work Equipment Policy and information on managing risks associated with the purchase and use of machinery and work equipment 30/11/22
Working at Height Policy and information on regulations and the requirements for safe working at height. 23/09/22
Needlesticks and sharps Guidance on how to work safely with needles and other sharps and what to do in an emergency 26/10/21