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Substance Information Notes

Substance Information Notes (SIN's) are a risk assessment output which provides the users of materials quick reference on what is required to allow the task / procedure to be carried out in a safe manner. They should be developed and used when the activity is regularly carried out. They are not for 'one-off' activities. These situations will still require a risk assessment to be carried out.

What does a SIN cover?
  • Identifies the activity covered
  • Identifies the significant hazards presented by the activity
  • Provides information on the controls that are required to be used to mitigate against those hazards, including any PPE if appropriate
  • Emergency arrangements - spillage management, first aid treatment
  • Disposal of waste

If you carry out an activity using potentially hazardous substances / materials and the activity will be repeated, check the 'Index' to see whether there is an existing SIN. Follow the SIN process in the right column. Once the SIN is developed it can be referred to in any procedure that is prepared to carry out the activity.

SIN Process Flow

SIN notification form

SIN template

Index of current SIN's (this links to SIN documents)

SINs under development