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Nanotechnology involves the creation and/or manipulation of materials at the nanometre (nm) scale. One nanometre is 10-9 m or one millionth of a millimetre. Nanotechnology is essentially ‘engineering at a very small scale’, and this term can be applied to many areas of research and development – from medicine to manufacturing to computing, and even to textiles and cosmetics.


If you are considering embarking on a project that uses or produces nano-materials, it is essential that you read the safety guidance and ensure your risk assessment captures the use nanomaterials. You also need to complete the Nanomaterial work registration form. This form needs to be completed for all areas where nano materials are used or generated, including those areas where the activity has been taking place for some time. The university needs to have register of such activities.

Should anyone require assistance in completing a risk assessment for nanomaterial work, please contact a member of Health and Safety Services

Useful Links

UK Nanosafety Group

HSE Safety Guidance - this HSE Guidance describes how to control occupational exposure to manufactured nanomaterials in the workplace and includes carbon nanotubes and other bio-persistent high aspect ratio nanomaterials (HARNs)

Nanomaterial work registration