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Registration form

Types of Controls used
Please select the methods being used to control the exposure to nanomaterials
Management of space access
Engineering controls – glove box, double HEPA filtered fume cupboard;
Respiratory Protection – disposable masks, air fed etc.
Gloves worn
Protective Clothing – disposable oversuit
In your opinion what is the main route of exposure when handling/using nanomaterials
Yes No N/A
Information available.
Please select all those that apply to information held for the project / activity
Yes No Don’t know
General risk assessment for the activity involving the use of nanomaterial
COSHH risk assessment
Records of egnineering examination and test
Rocords of maintenance of engineering controls
Training on how ot use the engineering controls
Training on how to use PPE
Attach file
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Privacy statement
This form is used to develop a register of projects and users of nano materials. It will not be used for any other purposes.
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