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Cylinder Positioning

Toxic Gases
  • Toxic gases must be used in ventilated cabinets.
  • Pipe and systems for toxic gas must be checked for integrity (1)
  • Check carefully for leaks.
  • Risk assessments must be completed.

(1) Use a safe gas to test system.

Gas Cylinders - General Siting Guidance (for non toxic gases)

The hierarchy of control must be considered during the process of risk assessment when considering the best location for a gas cylinder.

  • Oxygen must be used with care in metal pipework systems –particles will ignite in oxygen flowing at high speed , so turn on systems slowly.
General Guidance once a location has been identified (other gases)
  • Place the cylinder in an upright position
  • Place the cylinder in an unobstructed position
  • Place away from sources of heat or cold [ cryogens]
  • Place the cylinder tag on the indicator hook
  • Fit the correct regulator to the cylinder.
  • Check regulator control is in low pressure position.
  • Check all connections for tightness.
  • Open the cylinder delivery valve slowly.
  • Adjust the regulator slowly to desired pressure.
  • Check for leaks.