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All gas cylinders are rented from and owned by the gas supplier. Cylinders are all designed to be returned to the supplier on empty. They are registered by serial number and will be then periodically tested to maximum pressure by the company before refilling and delivery to customers.

Do Do Not
Check the identity of the supplier Return partially emptied cylinders without informing the supplier
Arrange return to them Return damaged cylinders without informing the supplier
Remove UOW cylinder tag  

If a cylinder is old, rusty or has an obliterated identity label, inform your Health and Safety Officer and keep the area clear then:

  • Try to determine who ordered it.
  • Investigate if the cylinder is empty [with care – if unsure do no disturb].
  • Try to identify the content hazard by the colours.
  • Assess whether it is safe to move with your H&S Officer. If safe, put it in a safe place where it cannot be disturbed or interfered with.
  • Arrange collection and / or disposal by a supplier.

Where the owner / supplier cannot be identified, contact one the companies on the BGCA website for cylinder recovery and disposal.



The thin black cylinder here was unidentifiable -

eventually a supplier was able to accept and remove it