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Limited and Exempted Quantities

Packing limited quantities

If you are only shipping small ('limited') quantities, the rules are often not as strict, but check with the Health & Safety Department.

Goods shipped in limited quantities must be carried in small containers (eg bottles), which are then packed in boxes or on shrink-wrapped trays. Packaging materials must be approved for use, and you must also follow the specific requirements for the labelling of packages and the use of absorbant materials (as applicable).

The maximum weight is 30kg for boxes, or 20kg for shrink-wrapped trays for transportation by road. The maximum weight for the individual containers depends on the type of goods.

Persons who have received training in the packaging requirements for dangerous goods will have access to these limits as listed in column 7a of the ‘Dangerous goods list’ in part 3 of ADR.

For certain goods, the limit is zero and simply cannot be shipped as limited quantities.