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Chemicals - Strict Licensed Substances (not otherwise specified elsewhere)

Information to assist the Shopper, Budget Holder and Specialist Approver determine the appropriate Hazard Levels for requisitions made on behalf of the University. This page also explains what checks should be carried out by both the Budget Holder and the Specialist Approver as part of their responsibilities for managing the introduction of strict licensed/controlled chemical substances into the University.

Hazard Level      
Low Medium High Budget Holder Responsibility Specialist Approver Checks Pre-release checks

Category 3 Drug Precursors

Strictly Controlled Substances including:


Strictly Controlled Substances including:

To ensure the correct Hazard Level has been assigned. Note that HIGH Hazard requisitions MUST be approved by the Director of Health and Safety prior to the requisition being made.

To ensure that there are suitable storage facilities.

To ensure that the location and facilities where it will be used are suitable.

To consider impact on existing waste streams.

Budget Holder to ensure that local rules are in place to manage any risks that the hazardous item introduces and to ensure that these are followed.

To maintain a record of amount originally ordered, reasons for purchase and amount remaining in storage for the annual return to the Home Office which will be requested each year by the Health and Safety Department.

For MEDIUM and HIGH Hazard materials the Specialist Approver must obtain assurance that the checks have been made by the Budget Holder. This may involve confirming the facilities are suitable and that local rules are in place or are being drafted by the Budget Holder. This may also involve checking that any HIGH Hazard orders placed have been approved by the Director of Health and Safety.

Finance Officers can release LOW Hazard materials but must check the list of approved Budget Holders prior to releasing the order.

Finance Officers to be provided with a list of Authorised Budget Holders for purchases of Strictly Controlled Substances of HIGH Hazard Level.