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Consumables - Gases and Cryogenics

Information to assist the Shopper, Budget Holder and Specialist Approver determine the appropriate Hazard Levels for requisitions made on behalf of the University. This page also explains what checks should be carried out by both the Budget Holder and the Specialist Approver as part of their responsibilities for managing the introduction of gases, including gas cylinders and cryogenics into the University.

Hazard Level      
Low Medium High Budget Holder Responsibility Specialist Approver Checks Pre-release checks

Asphyxiating gases where single loss of containment would be inconsequential

Oxygen enriching gases

Toxic Gases

Liquified petroleum gases

Highly flammable gases including acetylene

Highly toxic gases

Rooms where oxygen levels could fall below 17% oxygen by a single loss of containment

To ensure the correct Hazard Level has been assigned.

To ensure that there are suitable and sufficient storage facilities, including temporary storage facilities (where appropriate) and that calculations have been conducted (as necessary) to ensure that there are no specific risks to people or property at the point where the gas(es) will be used. Advice should be sought from the Health and Safety Department, including the Fire Safety Advisor (where there is a potential fire risk) when installing a gas into a new facility or when introducing a new gas to an existing facility as necessary.

Budget Holder to ensure that local rules are in place to manage any risks that the gas(es) introduce and to ensure that these are followed.

To obtain assurance that the checks have been made by the Budget Holder. This may involve confirming the facilities are suitable and that local rules are in place or are being drafted by the Budget Holder.

Normal workflow including Specialist Approval.