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Statutory Examination and Testing

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations require LEV systems to be subject to a thorough examination and test every 14 calendar months (in practice this is usually an annual test), although certain LEV systems may warrant testing more frequently if required according to the risk assessment for the process/activity.

This type of statutory testing is co-ordinated by the Estates Department and here, the records are kept for a minimum of 5 years.

The annual inspection and test will involve a visual inspection and measurement of airflows that are compared to previous test results or commissioning data. It will assess whether or not performance has deteriorated significantly and whether or not the system is adequately able to control exposure to substances hazardous to health. It will not reveal the precise cause of any unsatisfactory performance and is not, therefore, a substitute for proper maintenance. However, the test report will often include recommendations, which Departments are advised to follow within a reasonable time frame.

Departments must ensure that any LEV system is available for its statutory examination and test and that appropriate decontamination is carried out (where applicable) prior to any inspection, test or maintenance, and that the Certicate of Decontamination is completed and attached to the sash /system so that it is readily visible to the statutory testing engineer.

When a system has been tested, a test label will be affixed to the LEV system and the date of the next test will be Levlabeldisplayed as indicated on the image shown. If a new filter is required, the system has failed it's statutory test, or some other form of maintenance is needed, then the system needs to be taken out of use by the Department until the repair has been made. If the system fails to meet the standards required a 'FAIL' note will be displayed on the LEV system. Users of these systems should look to ensure that the test date remains valid before using the LEV.

New systems when purchased by a Department need to be added to the University LEV register in order for the system to be incorporated into the statutory inspection regime. See the link on the right hand side of this page for more details on how to do this.

Where a process has been suspended indefinitely and the LEV equipment is no longer in use and no longer incorporated into the statutory inspection programme then the LEV must be isolated to prevent inadvertent use. If at a later date the equipment is to be brought back into service the equipment must be examined and tested to ensure that exposure to contaminants is still able to be adequately controlled (a departmental cost). To initiate this, the Department will need to request that the statutory inspection is carried out via the Estates Department and that the system is once again put onto the statutory inspection register.

Certificate of Decontamination

Statutory Inspection Records This link will take you to further information on statutory inspection including LEV.

Registration Form: for new equipment to be added to inspection register