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Ensure that you know how to use the selected lifting equipment. Some require certification e.g. fork lift trucks, cranes, mobile elevated working platforms (MEWP), and use of hoists. These will only be operated by suitably competent persons at the University or by those deemed competent to work on behalf of the University. Slinging also requires certification and should only be carried out by those who have a valid certificate. Where a contractor cannot verify their competence, arrangements must be made with relevant staff to have a competent person available to operate such equipment. Lists of competent staff will be held in each Department.

Other lifting equipment may simply require you to have been deemed competent following receipt of in-house training by others who have experience in the use of the equipment and who understand the equipment’s capabilities.

The person involved in planning the lift should have adequate practical and theoretical knowledge and experience.

In addition, only a competent person is entitled to inspect the lifting equipment and lifting accessories. This is carried out by an external company on behalf of the University. See Maintaining Equipment Safe for Use.