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Considerations - Question 10

The risk of the lifting equipment trapping a person using the equipment

It must be ensured that equipment used for lifting people is designed so to prevent people being crushed, trapped or struck or falling from the carrier (this includes passenger lifts). There must also be suitable devices to prevent the carrier falling and a means of rescuing people trapped in a carrier.

Those using lifting equipment such as mobile elevated working platforms (MEWPs) must ensure that they minimise the risk of entrapment associated with those working on the platform and others below when the platform is raised to position and brought back down to the ground. Consider height control for the equipment or slow speed operation; designating only the persons on the platform being in control of the lift. Safety instructions which include the mandatory wearing of safety hats and a requirement for limbs to be inside the platform when it is being lifted or lowered. No persons are to remain on the platform when the lifting equipment is moved across the ground.

The University will ensure that persons involved in lift rescue are competent to fulfil this role.