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Considerations - Question 8

The risk of the lifting equipment striking a person or some other object

Equipment must be positioned to reduce the risk of it striking a person whilst in use and when stored.

Once the most appropriate lifting equipment has been selected and the lifting accessories are in place, secured and checked, the person carrying out the lifting operation should ensure that anyone else involved in the lift understands their role, that the area is sufficiently barriered off, (if deemed necessary), that the path is clear and there is a position which has been allocated to touch-down the goods/item which is suitable for the intended load.

So far as reasonably practicable, loads should not be lifted over people or an area that is occupied. Suitable barriers should be put out to prevent others from walking underneath whilst the lifting equipment is in use.

Where visibility is restricted, a banksman will be required to communicate directions to the person in charge of the lifting operation.

All those involved in the lift are entitled to give the emergency stop signal but only the banksman can give any other instruction.