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Acquisition, including Design and Modification

It is important to consider health and safety aspects when planning to introduce new or second hand machinery.: see Selection of Machinery and Equipment

Departments must ensure that there are arrangements in place for the design, construction or modification of bespoke or second hand equipment to be risk assessed to ensure that it meets health and safety requirements and is fit for use. These risk assessments must be carried out and signed off by a group of people including a Health and Safety Adviser.

Suppliers of new machinery and equipment must comply with what is known as ‘supply’ law. The supplier must ensure that machinery and equipment meets essential health, safety and environmental requirements which will enable it to be labelled with a CE Mark. Anyone purchasing work equipment must ensure that the appropriate CE marking and Certificates of Conformity (or Certificates of Incorporation), along with information on the essential health and safety requirements, are provided at the point of purchase.

You will still need to assess the hazards and risks associated with the installation, use and maintenance of the machinery or equipment; that it is safe upon receipt; that it carries all necessary safety markings; that it is installed and commissioned correctly; and that it is fit for the purpose for which it is to be used.

Second hand machinery or equipment must be assessed prior to agreeing to purchase or acquire to ensure that it meets health and safety requirements and is fit for use. A valid electrical test certificate and assurance that the equipment is free of asbestos containing materials should be sought.

Machinery and equipment that is designed and / or constructed by staff or students also needs to meet health and safety requirements.

If it is necessary to specify modifications to machinery, the modified design must be risk assessed and confirmed that the design and construction meets health and safety requirements and is fit for use.

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