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Equipment not in safe working order

If equipment or machinery is not in full working order, compliant with current H&S standards and in suitable condition, then it must be

• brought up to this status prior to sale/supply; or

• disposed of as waste in accordance with the University’s waste disposal policy; or

• supplied to a third party for refurbishment or use as spare parts.

If goods are not in safe working order and are regarded as waste, then not only health and safety, but also environmental and waste management regulations apply. In order to supply goods that are not necessarily in safe working order, you must:

• assure yourself that the third party is competent technically and with regard to all relevant legislation;

• ensure that the third party is provided with full information that addresses any hazards that the third party might not expect, or might not be competent to recognise or deal with

• confirm prior to the sale that appropriate licences or exemptions are in place;

• arrange with the University's Waste Manager to exchange a Waste Transfer Note with the third party.