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Supply for refurbishment or use as spare parts

Where it is appropriate, a manager can make arrangements for second-hand equipment or machinery to be supplied to a third party for refurbishment prior to reselling or for use as spare parts.

The manager will need to work with the University Waste Manager and the Health & Safety Department to ensure that all necessary arrangements are put in place.

The manager in association with the Waste Manager and the Health & Safety Department must check that the third party:

  • is competent to check and have the equipment or parts made safe prior to putting them into use or to dispose of them in line with health and safety, environmental, and waste management regulations.
  • has either a Waste Management Licence or an exemption from having a Licence from the Environment Agency: in most cases, small companies are likely to be able to obtain an exemption.

The manager must arrange for a contract transferring liability to the third party to be written and signed between the University and the third party. The Asset Disposal Form can be used for this purpose and must be completed for machinery that is to be sold on to others, whether in whole or in part. Completion of this form will assist meeting our legal responsibilities in relation to health and safety as it can inform the new owners of any hazards that may still be present and gives information on any known history. The University should avoid selling machinery to the public so far as reasonably practicable.

Note that there are specific requirements to inform the Radiation Protection Officer if you wish to sell or dispose of any Class 3R, Class 3B or Class 4 laser systems as a list of these exist centrally which needs to be maintained up to date. Similarly the sale or disposal of any radioactive materials needs to be discussed and approved by the Radiation Protection Officer prior to making any arrangements.

The manager must also check with the University’s Waste Manager whether a Waste Transfer Note needs to be raised.

Do not overlook other requirements such as the need to notify your Finance Department that you intend to dispose of an asset, such that the asset can be removed from any asset management system where such records are maintained.