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Hand Held Power Tools

Hand held power tools provide the user with flexibility as to where the tool can be used. They can be powered from a variety of sources including batteries and petrol. Although they can be small they can still present significant risks to the user if used incorrectly.

Never approach someone if they are operating machinery – they will be wearing ear protection and may be startled by you.


  • check that guards are fitted to the power tool before starting up the machine;
  • add fuel before starting the engine;
  • always isolate from the power before making adjustments;
  • make sure that machinery cannot start accidentally;
  • lock machinery away securely when not in use;


  • hand held power tools must not be carried with the motor running (or where this is not possible moving parts should be disengaged and the machine placed in neutral);
  • never leave machinery/vehicles running while unattended.
  • never remove guards whilst the machine is running
  • do not operate engine in a confined space – Danger: exhaust fumes are poisonous;