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Hand Tools

Many risks associated with working with hand tools can be avoided by ensuring that they are properly used and maintained, for example:

Hammers – Do not use any that have split, broken or loose shafts, and worn or chipped heads;

Files – Do not use any that are missing a handle and do not use them as levers;

Chisels – Do not use any where the cutting edge has become misshapen. The cutting edge should be sharpened to the correct angle.

Screwdrivers – Do not use any which have split handles and never use them as chisels. Do not use hammers on them.

Spanners – Ensure you have the right spanners for the work that you are doing. Do not use those that show signs of slipping. Do not use pipes as extension handles.

Regular inspection of hand tools should be carried out to ensure that damaged tools are removed from use and those using them should take any defective hand tool out of use immediately.