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Mobile Work Equipment

Mobile work equipment is a form of machinery so the requirements for machinery apply. In addition:

  • Risks from drive shafts (seizure, entanglement, soiling/damage by contact with the guard etc) must be safeguarded.
  • Nobody may ride on mobile work equipment unless it is suitable for that purpose and incorporates safety features for reducing risk of injury to as low as is reasonably practicable.
  • Risks from equipment rolling over must be minimised and there must be suitable restraining measures to prevent people being crushed.
  • Self-propelled equipment must have, unless deemed trivial by risk assessment;
    • devices preventing use by unauthorised people;
    • facilities minimising the consequences of collision;
    • devices for braking and stopping;
    • devices for improving the field of vision;
    • lights, if used in dark places or at night;
    • automatic stop if it leaves its control range; and
    • features which guard against risks of crushing or impact.