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Task Lighting

Only where ceilings are particularly low, or the lux level is difficult to achieve, should there be a need to consider desk-based (task) lighting in addition to the general lighting. Areas designed as a hot-desk area, where up-lighting has been used would be another situation where task lighting may be appropriate, designed for irregular use of the workstation space.

All requests for task lighting need to be made via your line manager as these are a departmental cost. Where agreed that task lighting is necessary should an order be raised with a University approved supplier. Task lighting or desk lights should not be brought in from home unless they have been electrically tested before being put into use. Once in place, all task lighting must be incorporated into the local portable appliance testing regime.

Where task lighting is used, it should be positioned so as to throw light from the side of the task area. Ideally, it should be possible to have the light coming from either the left or right-hand side of the desk, to suit the user. The spread of light should cover, as evenly as possible, the area of desk used for reading written text.