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How to Investigate

The purpose of investigation is to establish if there are signs of a fire. If a fire is discovered the building must be evacuated immediately and the Fire and Rescue Service called.

  1. Where possible, investigate in pairs.
  2. Have another member of staff at the alarm panel and remain in contact (mobile phone or short range radio).
  3. Gather any information from staff, or the alarm panel, to indicate where your search should be.
  4. Remember you are looking for signs of a fire. When investigating look for smoke, listen for unusual crackling noises or is it unusually hot.
  5. Before opening any doors, feel the door with the back of your hand, as high up the door as you can reach, for signs of heat. If it is hot do not open the door.
  6. At any time if you suspect or find a fire, get out and call the Fire and Rescue Service on (024765) 22222.
  7. Never expose yourself to any potential risk of fire and always ensure that there is a safe, quick, unobstructed means of evacuation to the exterior of the building.
  8. Always undertake any investigation inside a building with a colleague.