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SLS / WMS Risk Assessment Workshop

Aims and Objectives

Risk assessments are required for all your work including use of equipment and experimental procedures. To assist with this a series of Risk Assessment Workshops are being organised and it is mandatory for all PI's and their staff/students to attend a session.

The Risk Assessment Workshop has been developed to provide all who attend the basic skills for carrying out a task/process or equipment based risk assessment. These are risk assessments which look at hazards and risks associated with procedures or equipment, which are not covered in biological risk assessments. Each workshop involves a short presentation (15 minutes) which goes through the 5 steps of risk assessment and the importance of using the hierarchy of control when deciding on your control measures and a longer section (approx. 1hr 30 mins) where the group will write at least one risk assessment per session. Where groups have process/equipment risk assessments already in place for their activities this section can be used to review these and identify any which are outstanding for the group’s research.

Any issues/queries please contact the course leader at least 24 hours before the course start date. Please note that if you do not complete the pre-training requirements you will not get the best out of the workshop or complete the risk assessment within the 2 hour session.


Pre-training requirements

Before attending the workshop, all participants must:-

  • Complete Risk Assessment Moodle course
  • Review their significant activities and bring along a maximum of two ideas of risk assessments to write in the workshop (smaller groups, it is sufficient to bring one suggestion).
  • Check the generic risk assessment list;
    • A good example of a process risk assessment is 'Use of a DNA Extraction Kit', or an equipment risk assessment is the 'Use of Centrifuges' risk assessment etc.
    • Alternatively, an existing risk assessment can be reviewed.
  • Consider topic for assessment
    • Once decided on the risk assessment subject, ensure any additional information which will help to inform the group to write the risk assessment is brought to the workshop, e.g. safety data sheets, SOP/method/protocols, up-to-date knowledge of the current process/equipment.
    • Nominate one member of the group per risk assessment to type the risk assessment into the university form during your session
  • For groups larger that 8 participants it may be advisable to have a breakout session during the workshop. If this is the case, inform the course leader prior to the workshop commencing including details of the workshop members.

After the Workshop

  • Complete and/or review equipment and procedural risk assessments for the groups' activities
    • It maybe helpful to use the Generic Risk assessments as a template to help develop the Groups' risk assessments for that activity, e.g. Sharps
  • Ensure these are stored in your Groups' H&S e-folders. (If you are unsure where to find the folders, please contact Rebecca Allen.)
  • Complete your training record form to include the workshop date.
  • Complete workshop feedback form
  • Send Rebecca Allen a list of risk assessments you are planning on developing for your group within one week of the workshop