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Information Classifications

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  Public Protected Restricted Reserved
Risk None - confidentiality is of no particular significance to this information Low - inappropriate disclosure would have minimum significance Medium - inappropriate disclosure of this information could adversely affect the University's reputation or operations, cause substantial distress to individuals or breach statutory restrictions on disclosure of information; likely financial or legal penalties High - inappropriate disclosure could cause significant damage to the University's reputation or operations, great distress to individuals, pose a danger to personal safety or to life or impede the investigation or facilitate the commission of serious crime; substantial financial or legal penalties


Examples (non-exhaustive)

As defined by GDPR 2016

(see Data Protection Policy)

Anonymised information

Staff Details shared publically by the University

Information on individuals made public with their consent including on social media sites or departmental websites

Staff Names

Staff Work Contact Details (incl job titles)

Student Names and Email addresses

Academic Staff Qualifications and Publication Details

ID number

Online identifier (social media sites)

Location data

IP address

Mobile phone number

Individual’s home addresses, contact details and passport or NI number

Individual’s image (incl CCTV footage)

Student registration and attendance details

Exam scripts/marks/comments on student’s performance
Prospective Students’ contact details

Financial information relating to individuals e.g. banking information, salary details, indebtedness (student fees)

Information on individual’s, racial or ethnic origin, political option, religious or other beliefs, physical or mental health, criminal record or trade union membership

Student academic progression details including details of disciplinary proceedings

Provisional degree classification prior to formal approval and any publication

Staff appointment, promotion or details of personal affairs

Biometric data e.g. finger prints, facial recognition


Reference for staff or students1

UCAS/Application Forms

  Dates of Birth (DoB) Individual’s name plus DoB or national insurance number(NI)2

Individual’s name plus DoB or NI number, passport details, home address and telephone number2

Hundreds of individuals’ names plus date of birth or NI number

NON-PERSONAL Information



  Research proposals prior to award3
Information relating to supply or procurement of goods/services prior to approved publication

Anything subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act

Department and Course details

Marketing or Press Information

Factual and general organisational for public dissemination incl annual reports or accounts

HR Policies and Guidance 'Trade' secrets, intellectual property intended for commercialisation

Research data which is security-sensitive or has been similarly classified by an external body (e.g. Government, commercial partner with a confidentiality agreement)

Legal advice or other information relating to legal action against or by the University


1.Content dependent e.g. information relating to health, criminal record or disciplinary matters would make the reference or form Reserved

2.Adding additional combinations of data can change the overall classification (sensitivity) of the information. Increasing the volume can also increase the classification level.

3.Content dependent e.g. information relating to industry collaborators or world leading new ideas may lead to this being Restricted or Reserved