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Digital Signage Has Moved

You may have been redirected here whilst attempting to log in to the old Cisco system. This is because the service is changing. On this webpage there is information on the move to the new digital signage system – Onelan.

From end of July we will be shutting down use of the old Cisco system. In order to attain access to the new platform you need a new account, this can be requested via the following form:
Select 'Request, change or delete access to existing digital signage'

Once this form has been submitted you will receive confirmation from Audio Visual Services that your access has been granted. From here you are able to log in to - sign in using your usual University login. The new system interface is designed to be user friendly compared to its Cisco predecessor. A quick start guide has been developed and can be found by Clicking Here


If you have a group of signage screens, served by a single playlist, you can target certain content to play (or not play) on specific screens within that group. There is a cribsheet for this Here 

If you have any queries about using the new system, IT Training will be offering one to one and small group training, bookable via their website. Visit their training catalogue for more details.

If you have any content queries, including featuring content on the global playlist, please contact In addition, the digital content guidelines here have recently been revised and give you a good overview of what to consider when creating content:

Request new account

Select 'Request, change or delete access to existing digital signage' from the list under the link below:

Digital Signage Request


Available via IT Training

Helpful Links

New system weblink:

Digital signage requests form:

For assistance with content queries please contact Digital Signage Team

Digital signage content guidelines