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Lecture Capture Policy Review

A cross-University group has been reviewing our approach to lecture capture and has published some key messages and information to support those people who aren’t familiar with this service.

The new Lecture Capture Policy can be viewed here LectureCapture Policy2017

Key points about Lecture Capture:

  • Students really value having access to recorded lectures for revision and review. Students use recordings as supplement rather than substituting for attendance, but where students are unable to attend due to illness, lecture recordings help them keep up with the course content.
  • Lecture capture helps make your teaching more accessible and inclusive for all students. If recording is requested as a Reasonable Adjustment you should provide a recording or at least allow the student to make a recording.
  • It is easy to have your lecture recorded: just schedule it beforehand, then in the room put the mic on, and the system will record your voice and whatever is showing on the screen. You can add camera recording if you wish to but it is not essential: a basic recording of your audio and slides is good enough.
  • There are over 70 rooms equipped for schedulable lecture capture and it very easy to start.
  • This is an opt-in policy: the University requires your consent to be recorded and for that recording to be managed online. The presenter consent form needs to be completed, and the legal terms about waiving moral rights in performances are standard to most online video platforms.
  • Recordings in the lecture capture system are intended for use by your own students, they are clearly marked as Warwick, access is limited to the institution and students are not allowed to share further.
  • If third party materials are cleared for use in your teaching then it is possible that they are also cleared for lecture recordings and the VLE, but if in any doubt please seek advice from the Library.