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Benefits and Case Studies

Echo360 allows instructors to record their lectures. This allows faculty the ability to make their content more accessible to their students and allows the students to interact with the content in their own time and place.

Instructors Benefits

  • The system allows Instructors to spend more time engaging.
  • The classroom recording system is pre-scheduled and hands-free.
  • Instructors can provide students with content that is accessible with any Internet accessible device.
  • Instructors can "flip" their class by recording content with Personal Capture.
  • Aids in creating blended or online course creation and delivery initiatives.

Student Benefits

  • Students can review sessions if they had a medical emergency or illness that prevented them from attending class.
  • Students who are learning impaired, use English as a second language, have a disability, or require a quiet environment for studying can review sessions at different times and in different locations multiple times to make sure concepts are understood.
  • Students that have a hard time understanding an instructor can replay lecture content.
  • Students can review a session for exams.