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ITS Storage Services General Information

Some ITS Filestore services allow folders to be shared or restricted based on your needs.

Here is an overview of the shared filestore service (ie. dept shared folder, Storage Now and High capacity)


The ITS Active Directory (ie your university login) is used to authenticate to the ITS shared file store. The AD also holds filestore groups which are used to grant access to a specific shared folder. Filestore groups can be requested for both read-only and read/write access.

Accessing the fileshare

Managed workstations provide seamless access to the M Drive as they have already authenticated with the active directory at login. Unmanaged computers, (which are not not controlled by IT Services), will prompt for your username and password when you connect to the service.

Data Owners

Every shared folder has at least one 'data owner'. This role approves any requests we receive from users requesting access. In addition to approving requests received by IT Services, data owners can grant/revoke access to shared folders they control using the self-service filestore group tool (FSG).

Subfolder security - only for services: dept shared folder, Storage Now (team) and High capacity (shared)

Subfolders of a share are usually accessible to all those with access to the parent folder. The permission to view subfolders is inherited from the parent folder.

Where required, we can also create a subfolder filestore group. This is useful where you need to grant a user access to only specific subfolders. There are restrictions on how far down the folder structure this can be configured.

Subfolders can be further secured by blocking access rights inheritance. Where inheritance is blocked only those added to the subfolder's access group can see the subfolder.

Security Summary Report

A report is generated each morning summarising folder and group information. This is available automatically to data owners as a PDF on their M drive. This service is standard on the department shared folder service.

An ITS managed service

This is a managed service - IT Services will create your share and configure any subfolders to your requirements. You can make requests via the ITS Helpdesk. Data owners can also grant and revoke access to shares and subfolders (that have been setup by ITS) using the FSG self service tool.