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OpenZFS Filesystem

We use software called OpenZFS to store your data. OpenZFS has several features not found on traditional windows & linux systems:

End-to-end data integrity

A unique fingerprint of your data is made on first write. This is verified on subsequent reads to ensure nothing has changed.

Protection from silent corruption

To protect against corruption caused by hardware error such as bitrot, we verify your data on a regular basis using a process called a 'Scrub'.

Protection from multiple disk failure

broken hdd

Even enterprise-grade harddrives, which are designed for 24/7 use fail occasionally. Our systems can survive multiple disks failures in any group of disks before data is unrecoverable. This is achieved by spreading data and parity information across the disks. If multiple disks fail we must recover data from the secondary mirror system.
selfhealing Our systems can recover data automatically in the event of a disk failure, or when it finds corrupt/inconsistent data.