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Create signature - Outlook 2010

To create a signature in Outlook 2010:

  • Signature button under OptionsNavigation screenshot for Signatures in OutlookGo to File (top left of screen)
  • Choose Options (see cursor on first screenshot)
  • Choose Mail (see cursor on second screenshot)
  • Click on the Signatures... button (as highlighted in red on the second screenshot)

This will bring up the Signature window to create a new signature and/or edit an existing one.

  • You can have a number of different signatures.Signature window in Outlook
  • Click on New and give it a descriptive name.
  • Fill out the full signature text you want to appear in the large text box.
    • You can change font, size of font, add styles, decide alignment, add image or a web link.
  • Look at the Choose default signature section on the right.
    • It will automatically pick the email account you are in (this cannot be changed).
    • New messages - Do you want a signature on every new email you send out - if so click on the triangle to the right to get the drop down menu and choose the signature you want to appear.
    • Replies/forwards - Do you want a signature on all your replies or forwarded emails? - if so click on the triangle to choose the signature you want to appear.
    • Signature option in toolbarIf you do not want a signature to appear on messages choose (none). (When you send any email there is a signature option on the toolbar. Put your cursor in the body of the email where you want the signature to appear and click on Signature (see screenshot) and choose which one you wish to insert.)
  • Click OK.

Multiple signatures: You can only insert one signature on an email, if you change your mind and choose another, then the new choice will automatically replace the one you already have (regardless of cursor position).

Position of signature: If you already have a signature in your email and you want to move it to another part of the email, you will have to remove it altogether first before putting your cursor where you want the signature and then inserting it.