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Email for staff/research students

Please Note: This page relates to the older in-house email system which is being de-commissioned, please see the new section for live@edu accounts.

Service description

IT Services currently provides staff with an email account. It is our intention to migrate this service to Live@edu, an outsourced service provided by Microsoft, over the coming months.

IT Services provides an email system to enable sending, receiving and manipulation of email and calendar appointments. A Windows based client, on ITS managed desktops can be used to compose, read and manage emails and appointments. Web based email access is also provided via Each individual is allocated an email account with 500MB of storage.

The service also includes:

  • Access to an address book of staff and student email addresses
  • Antivirus scanning of emails entering and leaving the University
  • Centrally managed archiving in accordance with the Email Archiving Policy
  • Anti-spam filtering or tagging of emails entering the University
  • Ability to access email accounts using client applications that support the POP(S) or IMAP(S) protocol

The service does not cover the following departments which have their own mail systems: Warwick Business School, Students' Union, WHRI and WMG.

List of standard requests

  • Self Service Icon Request, expire or change a role-based account such as (staff / research postgraduate students only)
  • Self Service Icon Request a password reset for a role-based account (staff / research postgraduate students only)
  • Request guidance on how to use the email system
  • Request guidance on how to transfer mail from an old Exchange account to a new one (if you move from one department to another)
  • Request investigation of an email communication, when authorised in accordance with the Information Security Policy(PDF Document)

Excluded Services

  • Restore of individual mailbox. Often it is possible to recover items locally from within your Outlook Client, using the 'Recover Deleted Items' feature, providing you have not deleted your 'Deleted Items'. To request assistance with this, please log a call with the IT Services Help Desk.

The Exchange service is a resilient service with a comprehensive Backup routine. This is designed to restore the full Exchange system in the event of a catastrophic event, for example the loss of a data-centre.


The service is normally available 24/7, notwithstanding periods of non-availability required for planned maintenance or resulting from service failures or emergency updates. Planned maintenance will be scheduled for the second Thursday of every month between 16:00 and 18:00 when required.


Each member of staff is entitled to one email account. Provision of this is free at the point of use. ITS reserves the right to charge for role based accounts that may be requested in addition.