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Completed deliverables


The work completed by the MI team to date is summarised below.




UG Applicaitons report

Daily reports on the current undergraduate applications to the University, broken down by applications, offer made, year of application, course, fee status and other key criteria.

The reports compare current and previous admission cycle information, facilitating year on year analysis and for the current cycle allow registered users to drill into the underlying applicant detail.


UG Course selectors

PG Applications reports

Daily reports on the current Postgraduate Research and Postgraduate Taught applications to the University, broken down by status, year of application, course, fee status and other key criteria.

As with the UG reports these allow the current and previous admissions cycles to be compared and users can dril into the underlying applicant detail.


PG Course selectors

Project 1.3 Dashboard phase (Warwick RePORT)
An information set combining data from a number of systems including Human Resource (PSE), Financial System (SAP), Student Records (SITS), Research Management (InfoEd) and Warwick Publication Service (WRAP) that describes the Research Activity of a department by:-
  • Research applications
  • Research awards
  • Research Publications made
  • Research publications and citations
  • Research Income and Margin
  • Postgraduate Research Students
This data set has been exploited by the MI&P group in the Deputy Registrars Office to provide senior management users with dashboard reports known as the Warwick RePORT system.

Head of Departments

Pro Vice Chancellors



Student Planning and Teaching Load Analysis A business modelling tool which allows the student population to be modelled over a five year planning horizon. Plan data is then combined with current student study and staff supervision data to generate reports of the teaching and supervision load for individual departments.

Academic Department



RFC Reporting A suite of report that aid the analysis of historic and current change within IT Services as part of the service management process
IT Services
Academic Statistics A suite of reports which mechanise the production of the majority of the data tables contained within the Academic Statistics on the Web published by the Academic Registrar's office DRO SAPO
Human Resource Reporting A reporting Data Model to be used by the HR team to provide self service reports to HR departmental administrators on the current and historic job and vacancies with a department. HR
Exam board grids A set of reports that are used when exam boards convene that present student mark information Exam boards
Student transparency A detail analysis of student load based on module an supervisory records, allowing the source of all tuition feed income to be reviewed. DRO SAPO
HR Absence reporting A data model for use by HR facilitating the reporting of sickness related absence HR
Applicant qualifications reporting The addition of student qualifications to the application model to facilitate the analysis of current and past applicants according to the HEFCE definition of AAB candidates SARO/DRO SAPO
Widening Participation reporting An information set that characterises applicants, and subsequent enrolments by the metrics in University's agreement with the Office of Fair Access (OFFA)



Space data A data set based which describes the current and prior allocation of the physical space of the University, the data is drawn from the Estates Space Management applications (QuEMIS).



Access control information A data set of anonomised access control information used by departments to analyse the usage of activity of access controlled areas e.g. learning grid, post graduate hub, sport centre
Library Sports Centre
Working List Reporting A suite of reports drawing on the applications model which reports on the Undergraduate applications once the A level results have been received. These reports are used to manage the making of offers to students to ensure that the university remains within it's student number control by applying the HEFCE rules to categorise students as AAB or in subsequent years ABB equivalent. SARO UG Admisisons team
New Starter IT Experience A dashboard report used by the Service Management group within ITS that uses data from the IT Services Help Desk (Service Now) and the Human Resources Systems (PSE) to provide key indicators on the IT issues and services requested raised by new staff during the first 30 days of their employment IT Service Management Group
Redesigned Application data set

The application data was one of the first reporting modules undertaken by the MI service, the redesigned model has significantly improved the usability of the model by re-structurng the model and migrating all the historic data.

This will form the basis for any new application reporting.

ITS MI Group
Revised allocation model for student load

A revised teaching load allocation model for UG and PGT courses with 90% of the load allocated by teaching load and the remaining 10% being allocated to the student home department

Inclusion of course specific enrolment splits

Support the change the Academic Resourcing Committee to incorporate course specific splits for the 10% enrolment premium for specific courses

Student planning model Replaced previous enterprising planning tool with the TM1 product, a more capable, but more importantly a reliable tool without the quirks of the previous tool SPA
ITS Incident analysis The analysis of incident and related problem data to support the ITS service board with key metrics such as 95th percentile figure for incident resolution. ITS
IDM and eMail analysis Analysis of logon activity for Alumni activities in support of the alumni engagement board. DARO