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Terms of Reference


Draft Terms of Reference for Management Information Service Board

A. To ensure the continuing relevance of the service portfolio by

  1. Reviewing the service portfolio based on the benefits delivered and alignment with University strategy; making decisions about the introduction, retention and retirement of services.
  2. Reviewing the performance of individual services and making recommendations for improvement where appropriate.

B. To prioritize demands on service team resources by:

  1. Reviewing proposals for the introduction of new services to the portfolio, approving or rejecting them and deciding on the project approach and funding mechanism;
  2. Reviewing proposals for service improvement and approving or rejecting them;
  3. Reviewing proposals for service support and approving or rejecting them;
  4. Committing appropriate customer resources;
  5. Prioritizing approved proposals.
  6. Reviewing and evaluating approved projects at agreed stages and cancelling/approving continued development.